british shorthair cat breeder, british shorthair kittens

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british shorthair cat breeder, british shorthair kittens

I have many color variations of the British Shorthair Cat. Some colors I have worked with for 20 years. I now have added the beautiful copper eyed white. I've shown my cats for many years in CFA. Although I no longer show, I still have the lines that gave me the many Champions, Grand Champions and Regional Winners . The lines that gave my cats the look that I still treasure in a Brit. The Calico in the picture above is Summer; she is the first Grand Champion Dominant Calico BSH in CFA history. Her lines are here today, still a large part of my breeding program. My focus when planning a breeding is on health, type and temperament. Carefully researched choices in pedigrees and parents make for healthier kittens that grow to be wonderful companions. Keeping a variety of unrelated studs is key to beautiful, healthy kittens. Kittens are available for show or pet needs.

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